Growing Pains.

This week on the Equals Record: thoughts on my upcoming birthday, and living up to my childhood idea of being a grown-up.

As always, an excerpt from the new post: "This past Saturday, I helped a newly-single friend buy furniture for his brand-new bachelor pad. “The look I’m going for is ‘grown-up,’” he said, as we strolled the aisles of Ikea. “No more of this early-twenties dorm room business.’” And so we selected our idea of a grown-up couch, a grown-up bed, and a grown-up rug. We even picked out a grown-up shower curtain. Then, we went upstairs to the cafeteria and ate chocolate cake and macaroni and cheese til our stomachs hurt."

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Photo via Baubau Haus. (Know the photographer? Please share!)

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