Growing Pains.

This week on the Equals Record: thoughts on my upcoming birthday, and living up to my childhood idea of being a grown-up.

As always, an excerpt from the new post: "This past Saturday, I helped a newly-single friend buy furniture for his brand-new bachelor pad. “The look I’m going for is ‘grown-up,’” he said, as we strolled the aisles of Ikea. “No more of this early-twenties dorm room business.’” And so we selected our idea of a grown-up couch, a grown-up bed, and a grown-up rug. We even picked out a grown-up shower curtain. Then, we went upstairs to the cafeteria and ate chocolate cake and macaroni and cheese til our stomachs hurt."

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  1. I turn 27 next week too and have been having an identical conversation with myself - somehow turning 26 wasn't a big deal, but turning 27 seems... very old, and like I should be way further along in life than I am. But you're right, growing is more important than reaching those expected milestones that declare you a "grown up." Thanks for that reminder!

    And a happy early birthday to you!

  2. i am turning 31 (eek) this year and 27+ has been a major shift for me.. growing up is rough but i think it paves the way for some wholesome good times.

  3. I'm excited to read this post! I really like your pieces on that site.
    And oh goodness...I'm barely in my 20s, and I'm scared to death of getting older. I don't know how much I'm looking forward to getting grown up furniture later on. :\
    ♥ xixia |

  4. Thank you, Elle! Happy early birthday to you, too!

    Xixia, getting older in my 20s has mostly been a fun ride - grown-up furniture and all :) Don't be scared!

  5. oh girl, i recently did a huge closet purge due to the fact that half my closet looked a bit younger than it should. i'd love to meet someone in their late 20's who has it figured out. doubt that will ever happen.

  6. Loving my 'grown up' shower curtain more and more every day.

  7. I read your article via the Equals Record, and it's a beautiful writing again. Happy early Birthday, shoko! -akiko
    Style Imported

  8. I've been quietly following you for about a month after finding you on the equals record. just wanted to say 'hello!' and tell you how much I enjoy your space here.

  9. Firstly, Shoko, you are such a beautiful writer. Thank you for sharing this sweet post.

    I certainly know what you mean. As a child, I couldn't wait to grow up- to have my own place, freedom, a job that I loved. Little did I know that with all of the above utility bills and rent would be part of the package. :)

  10. Thank you, Akiko!

    Kayla, thank you so much! That's so sweet of you. I'm so glad you decided to say hi - can't wait to check out your blog.

    Kristina, thank you. And that's so funny - you're right, I never dreamed I'd be responsible for things like insurance policies or savings accounts! Those still seem like alien concepts to me :)

  11. Shoko, as usual I completely relate to what you are saying :) I have many memories of looking up to "older" women thinking: WOW - when I grow up, that's exactly what I'm going to be like! (of course the future me would be just as elegant, cool and sophisticated as all the women I admired). I just expected it to be that way. Needless to say, I feel very different - much more like a kid, than a 33 year old woman. And sometimes I still catch myself admiring women who seem so put-together and adult. But usually it's those who embrace their inner child to whom I feel truly connected (those who would never leave IKEA w/o endulging in chocolate cake and mac n cheese :))



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