Corduroy Returns.

After a bit of a break, artist Jen Ray's Etsy shop, corduroy - one of my favorites - is back. I love this plucky tote,

this chilly ghost and that indeterminate "cat loaf" (complete with fur letters),

and, last but certainly not least, this Longleaf Pine "super fatty fat lighter." Jen Ray writes, "This big bundle will start LOTS of fires...I never go camping without it." Yours for $15.

Welcome back, corduroy. Happy Monday to all.


  1. So cute! Silly me thought this was about corduroy the fabric and I got all excited because I've been trying to find affordable, flattering corduroy pants for like five years now. I had some in high school, but that was 12 years and 2 pant sizes ago.

  2. love that you can find kindling on etsy. etsy takeover!

  3. Brianna, that's so funny. Unfortunately I'm the wrong girl to ask about corduroy pants, but I'll let you know if I hear of anything :)

  4. seriously, ALWAYS, you find the coolest stuff.

  5. Wah, awesome shop! I'm scrolling through their stuff now, and they're all so awesome!! Especially their "I LAVA YOU" XD

    ♥ x i x i a |



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