Sweet on the Stones.

I was recently lent a copy of the 1968 Godard documentary, "Sympathy for the Devil," which fascinated, startled, and confused me all at once. (You'll have to see it to know what I mean; you can find the trailer here.)

I've always loved the Rolling Stones. (My dad still remembers with horror the night I came home from a Stones concert and announced that I wanted to marry Keith Richards. I was eleven years old.) These days, though my tastes are tamer, I remain a devoted fan.

To celebrate the fact that it's almost Friday, (and also in honor of Fashion's Night Out), here's a video of the band, performing "Jumpin' Jack Flash" in 1968's Rock and Roll Circus.

Images via Pinterest.


  1. I'd marry Keith Richards even now. But they all are cool!

  2. Very true. I'd marry Keith now, too. He's just the ultimate.



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