I love the story Meg Ray - founder of the San Francisco bakery, Miette - tells in this video, about the beginning of her love affair with baking. A child with poor eyesight, the spark was lit the day she got glasses. "The first thing I ever really saw clearly was this pastry case. It has resonated in who I am for the rest of my life."


Speaking of dessert, I'll be resuming my Sweet Thing series next week. Can't wait to get started again!

Video by 4SP Films via Kinfolk Magazine. Purchase the Miette cookbook, here.


  1. love miette! the girls who work there are so sweet! (must be all those cupcakes ;) x

  2. This video made me so happy! I've had my eye on the Miette cookbook for a while now. Everything is so beautiful!

  3. Isn't it great? I love what she says about dessert being a celebration - I totally agree! A trip to Miette is definitely on my to-do list next time I'm in SF!

  4. Sho, isn't this like the story of our lives?! When have we not enjoyed sweet things together. I will have to make a trip there next weekend. I love the idea of cake for breakfast, makes me think of when my dad would make pies for holidays, he'd always make an extra that was the breakfast pie... we could eat it everyday for breakfast until it was gone. I also hope that hanging out with moi is on your to do list next time you're in sf, or else! :)

  5. Yes, definitely the story of our lives. And hanging out with you is absolutely on my SF to-do list! We'll go to Miette and eat cake for breakfast. I can't wait :)



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