All Day Drifting.

I’ve been trying for weeks now to write something on the subject of paying attention (and trying, also, not to let those weeks turn into months). For that reason, I was all the more charmed to come across Accidental Haiku, a 2009 project by artist Lenka Clayton that’s a true testament to the value of looking closely.

Outlined here, the project features pages from an anonymous diary written in the 70s, in which Clayton found several instances of unintentional haiku (rules of the form include the “use of three [or fewer] lines of 17 or fewer syllables” and a seasonal reference).

This isn’t the first time something like this has caught my eye (see: the spines of booksGoogle autocomplete, Times Haiku), but I’m grateful for the timing of this particular find—and the happy reminder that there’s poetry to be found everywhere, even in basements that need cleaning, in trips to the hairdresser, in snow on just another winter day.

More art in the everyday:
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See more from Lenka Clayton, here.


  1. Oh gosh love this! I won't lie, I definitely miss your blog but also totally okay for quietness because when you do come back it's super exciting :) :)

  2. Haha, thank you, Fee! Definitely trying to lessen the gaps between posts this year—and am so happy to know you're still there on the other side :) Thank you for reading!

  3. Thank you for sharing. Love this! I also checked out Times Haiku that you linked and wow, so interesting. One of the Haikus caught my interest and I went to the original article and surprisingly it was about a book by a poet.

  4. Hi DK, that's awesome. Times Haiku has long been a favorite of mine—always so intriguing, and a great way to discover stories you may have missed otherwise!



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