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This week, from The Atlantic: an article by Julie Beck on what exactly constitutes adulthood. Are we adults when we've reached a certain age? When we've accomplished specific goals? When we're married, or mothers, or making it financially on our own? As Beck says, "Society can only define a life stage so far; individuals still have to do a lot of the defining themselves."

Says an OB/GYN featured in the piece: "I think the answer to 'when do you become an adult' has to do with when you finally have acceptance of yourself. My patients who are trying to stop time through menopause don't seem like adults even though they are in their mid-40s, mid-50s. My patients who seem secure through any of life struggles, those are the women who seem like adults. They still have a young soul but roll with all the changes, accepting the undesirable changes in their bodies, accepting the lack of sleep with their children, accepting the things they cannot change."

Fascinating. Read the story, here. Photo via my Instagram.

A few more, just because: 
-A library of pigments.
-Artists in their beds (including a teenaged Elizabeth Taylor and her pet chipmunk, Nibbles).
-10 Objects Around Your House That Are Actually Just Tilda Swinton Getting Lost in a Role.
-From Gillian Flynn: "The point is, women have spent so many years girl-powering ourselves—to the point of almost parodic encouragement—we've left no room to acknowledge our dark side. Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids."

Wishing you a very happy Monday. More recommended reading, here.


  1. Oh the pigments are so beautiful! A quote from one of my Mum's best friends that has always stayed with me is that you don't properly become and adult until both your parents have died where suddenly there's nobody else in the more "adult" role to look up to. Obviously this won't apply to everyone but has always been an interesting thought in my mind.

  2. Oh! I love your recommended articles. acceptance. it took me almost years to realize. The words in the post describes it apt.



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