Brutalist Beauty on FVF.

Sculptor Pedro Reyes and clothing designer Carla Fern├índez make their home in a beautiful Brutalist structure in Mexico City, surrounding themselves with color, plant life, and an ever-growing collection of books. I was lucky enough to interview the couple for Freunde von Freunden last month, for a feature that went live this week. My favorite moment in our conversation? Pedro's comparison of the home to both a factory and a playground—and his description of the contents of his library.

"Our collection is very diverse," he says. "Just last week, I came back from Japan with two suitcases full of books, including an atlas of sand and a book about caterpillars. It all seems random—but it's not."

Read more on Freunde von Freunden. Photos by Ana Hop.

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  1. wowzers, what a home, I imagine there kids will grow up sleeping and dreaming creativity!

  2. Love this couple. Wonderful article. Well done, Shoko.

  3. Wow...just wow. What an interview, what a home.



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