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Every Monday, words to start the week. 

This week: an essay entitled "Sweet Southern Dreams" from Saveur three winters ago, in which food editor Ben Mims beautifully recalls the elaborate layer cakes of his Southern youth — red velvet, walnut spice, a legendary coconut — while also telling the story of coming out to his mother at the age of 25. I came across it while reading James Oseland's recommendations for best cookbooks of 2014 and loved it instantly. Oseland, the magazine's former editor-in-chief, calls it his "favorite Saveur story of all time." See for yourself, here.

A few more, just because:
-Whiskey toothpaste.
-"The History of 'Loving' to Read".
-The oldest living things in the world include 80,000 year old trees in Utah, and 100,000 year old sea grass in the waters off of Spain.
-And finally, my favorite ice cream shop in the city is serving breakfast through the month of February, including a sundae made with yogurt and apricot sorbet, and a sweet take on the biggest trend in toast: avocado ice cream on Japanese white bread with condensed milk, olive oil, and sea salt. Mmm.

More recommended reading, here. Image by Todd Coleman for Saveur.


  1. Whiskey toothpaste! Crazy. Although I'm sure my hubby would have tried it at least once. :-)

  2. mmm cake. whiskey toothpaste! mm cake.

  3. so many wonderful links! thank you for sharing.

  4. I love bizarre/awesome things, the avo icecream on toast probably takes the cake this time :P

  5. Oh, I meant to read that essay when I read that same article over the weekend! Thanks for the reminder :)

    Also, those ice cream for breakfast options sound amazing.

  6. Ice cream for breakfast is always a good choice. Also, those cakes look delicious.

  7. I'll report back when I've tried the ice cream breakfast — thanks to all for reading!

  8. Oh gosh, those cakes! And I loved the article on loving to read. Really wishing I could be in NYC this month to try ice cream breakfast!



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