Masking Injury.

National Geographic's "Healing Soldiers" tells the story of those who have sustained brain trauma in battle, and are using art therapy to give faces to their pain. (The masks they've painted can be found in a gallery, here.) Says one soldier: "I think this is what started me kind of opening up and talking about stuff and actually trying to get better."

View the series on National Geographic, here. Many thanks to my dad for the head's up.

Story by Caroline Alexander. Photographs by Lynn Johnson.


  1. What a beautiful project! I am close to tears!

    Thanks for sharing and Love from Italy!


  2. This is so moving. It's amazing to see what can come out of such terrible trauma. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Very moving. I always found art and music therapy so fascinating.

  4. what a project, you can see so visually the masks reflecting the trauma in their lives - I've always been curious about art therapy and even considered it at one stage, I may be biased but I like to think creativity is a powerfully beneficial tool :)

  5. This was such a powerful story. Thank you for sharing it here. It really affected me.

  6. Thank you all for reading. I loved this so much, too.



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