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Every Monday, words to start the week.  

This week, from Studiocanoe: a short film called "Sum" that offers up an enormous dose of perspective in just four minutes. According to the film, we may spend 30 years of our life asleep, 200 days showering, six weeks waiting for green lights, and 18 days gazing into refrigerators—but spread over decades, these moments are just tiny, magnificent pieces of a much bigger picture. See it all, above.

Thanks to Freunde von Freunden for the link. More from Studiocanoe, here.

Three more, just because: 
-"Speed Dating for Rabbits."
-Louise Ma makes art of hard-to-describe emotions.
-Preschool pastimes: "We're playing sunset. We just travel around, like how the sun sets."

More recommended reads, here. Wishing you a happy Monday.


  1. I wrote a little bit about your blog in my latest post: (hope that's okay).

    Keep doing what you do, lady :)

    Also, thinking of 'difficult to express' emotions, have you come across the YouTube channel 'a dictionary of obscure sorrows'? ( Just found them over Christmas and have been enjoying to watch.


  2. Melissa, what a wonderful surprise! You made my day—thank you! Your writing is beautiful. Looking forward to checking out the videos, too; in the meantime, sending you all my best. Many, many thanks again.

  3. 15 months looking for lost items - gasp! How fascinating :) and only 27 hours of pain and even more shocking only 17 minutes of pure joy, or maybe it's only pure joy because it's so rare! Thanks for sharing Shoko!

  4. Sum was one of my favorite reads a few years ago! Seeing this video made my day, and reminded me of another beautiful thing you shared here - Rilke's quote on how no feeling lasts forever.



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