Recommended Reading / 55.

Every Monday (or in this case, Tuesday), words to start the week.  

This week: a short film from Huck Magazine about former prisoner Chris Wilson. In and out of jail since the age of 16, Wilson found unexpected freedom in art. His tools of choice: paintbrushes made of plastic spoons and human hair; crushed Skittles mixed with water for color. He's now a working artist based in Brixton. "Money doesn't mean that much to me anymore," he says. "I don't ask much money for paintings. I've been asking 150 pounds. You meet people who want you to strategize and ask for six grand and all this, but I prefer a really simple world at the moment. Simple and honest."

Three more, just because: 
-Batman loves a label.
-Cranberry "candles" and mayo "pinecones"—say hello to holiday indulgence, 60s style.
-Artist Olafur Eliasson is lighting Stockholm with a man-made star powered by energy from last summer's sunlight. Read more, here.

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday. More recommended reading, here.


  1. I think Batman and I would get along swimmingly, also how beautiful is that star and Chris Wilson - very touching/interesting/moving. I'm always fascinated by the human spirit. I listened to this talk about a lady who was on death row, she eventually was freed of her crime and sentence and is now an advocate against the death penalty. She said how, in her cell which had nothing in it, she meditated and did yoga to get through the days and then one day her meal had beetroot in it and she thought she could use that as pigment but realised she didn't have a paintbrush until she thought what a paintbrush was and realised it was just hair :) So amazing



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