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This week: a feature on a new cat cafe called Koneko, which opened recently in Lower Manhattan. (Cat cafes, where visitors can pay to spend time in the company of cats, have long been a phenomenon in Japan and are just starting to take off in New York City.) The entire article is a very amusing read; my favorite detail, however, concerns one of Koneko's three cattery "guides":

Anne Paolini, 24, is a yoga instructor with a degree in foreign policy who plans to hold vinyasa classes at Koneko, and cat meditation. What does that mean? “No one knows,” said Joe Crump, 55, Koneko’s creative director...Ms. Paolini explained later that the cat meditation she had envisioned involved humans meditating among the cats, not the other way around.

Find the story in its entirety at The New York Times. Photos by Deidre Schoo.

Three more, just because: 
-Children at Seoul Fashion Week.
-Explained: why we jerk awake before we fall asleep.
-Tom Waits says, "The beginning of it starts at the end."

More recommended reading, here. Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Oh my gosh #8 and #14 on tiny street style! (I'd personally wear any of those get ups) Also you had me chuckling with the cat meditation, although I don't actually think it's such a crazy idea :) I'm not sure if it's the same sensation as the jerk awake article but I have this thing where it fells like I'm literally falling as I'm falling asleep and it's so real I wake up suddenly!

  2. Hurray! Cat cafes finally made it to NYC :)



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