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Photos by Jackie Nickerson.

This week, from T: a glimpse into the mind and meals of Jeong Kwan, a Buddhist nun living in Seoul. Kwan's cooking, which she does at the Baekyangsa temple, has been praised by such noted chefs as Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert – it's thoughtful, exquisite, and very, very beautiful. Writes author Jeff Gordinier: "Kwan believes that the ultimate cooking — the cooking that is best for our bodies and most delicious on our palates — comes from [an] intimate connection with fruits and vegetables, herbs and beans, mushrooms and grains. In her mind, there should be no distance between a cook and her ingredients. ‘That is how I make the best use of a cucumber,’ she explains through a translator. 'Cucumber becomes me. I become cucumber.'"

Click here to read the rest. I won't spoil it, but the ending is spectacular.

A few more, just because: 
-Banned book mugshots.
-When celebrities paint.
-Roald Dahl's invented words and Cher's favorite things.
-A Zen master responds to hate mail: "These are wonderful words that you have given me, and I thank you very much. If you attain enlightenment, I will give them back to you."
More recommended reading, here. Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Oh my goodness - can Kwan please cook for me, how amazing does her food look/sound like!

  2. Wow! The ending is spectacular as you put it. Very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for reading! And yes, Fee, I have the same question!

  4. Welcome back! I know that you are always here in spirit, but it's lovely to see you here again.



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