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This week, from The New York Times: a engrossing look into the lives of six dynamic New Yorkers, all over the age of 85. According to author John Leland, they belong to one of the city's most rapidly expanding demographics, and are the unwitting stars of what he refers to as "a New York soap opera, unscripted." Indeed, their stories are complicated and colorful, sweet and often tinged with sadness. Of course, there's just as much brightness, too. Says 88-year-old Frederick Jones, from his hospital bed: "I like to say I'm supremely blessed...I'll leave it at that. You know that saying, 'Heaven is my home, but I'm not homesick'? I want to stay right here. I'm not in no hurry."

Photos by Nicole Bengiveno for The New York Times.

Three more, just because:
-The Good Bagel Manifesto.
-An entire hotel room contained in a 132-pound portable box.
-A form of non-career advice, courtesy of an eight-year-old: "I plan to be kind and brave."

More recommended reading, here. Wising you a very happy Monday.


  1. Regarding bagels: amen!

  2. no one should be in a hurry, right?

  3. I made my first bagels the other day, I must admit I think they matched everything on the wrong side from that article but I was still pretty impressed with myself! I love love love the Kind and Brave response - how beautiful! Also I've missed reading your blog!!!



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