Sweet Thing: Balthazar.

Central Park on a summer day, for me, is the very definition of heaven. So when a friend invited me to join her for a picnic on a particularly pleasant weekday afternoon, (this would be a "work picnic," of course), I hopped on a train immediately. I arrived to find her waiting with all the outdoor essentials, and, to my delight, a bag of these beauties.

Have you ever had a sticky bun? Somehow - miraculously - in all my extensive sweet-sampling, I never had. What a discovery! At once flaky, buttery, and sticky-sweet, Balthazar's interpretation is legendary, and understandably so. Sticky bun novice that I am, I can't offer any personal opinions about how it stacks up to the competition. What I can say: twenty minutes later, I still had gooey topping on my teeth. And on my fingers. Still, I wanted another.



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